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The Story of Steve and Maria

UPDATE: As this graphic says, Steve was ordered last week by Judge Bowman to stop using his life-saving medicine while he’s awaiting trial, even though he has not been convicted of anything. Steve’s attorney filed a motion hoping to overturn that edict, but today (Wednesday, June 12) Judge Bowman refused to lift the ban. The judge reportedly told Steve, “If you weren’t guilty, you wouldn’t be here.” Listen to the video below and make up your own mind.

Steve and Maria Green, now living in Lansing, believed that Michigan’s medical marijuana law made it safe for them to consume their medications (she has MS and he has severe seizures from epilepsy) and also to grow marijuana as caregivers. Section 8(a) of Michigan’s law says:

Except as provided in Section 7, a patient and a patient’s primary caregiver, if any, may assert, the medical purpose for using marihuana as a defense to any prosecution involving marihuana.”

Maria has been helping support the family by making medibles, tinctures and oils

Maria has been helping support the family by making medibles, tinctures and oils

The Greens filed all the appropriate paperwork and say they stayed within the law, yet each is facing a seven-year felony count in Oakland County, where they lived when they were raided by the Auburn Hills police. Fighting the charges has cost them thousands of dollars in legal fees and at least 10 trips to court so far.

Of great concern as well is that Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Leo Bowman has been ordered Steve to stop using marijuana to control his seizures, putting him at risk of seizures that can cause brain damage. The charges also threaten Maria’s ability to make an income as a caregiver, which they sorely need to help them raise their five children.

Maria has established a Michigan chapter of the California-based organization The Human Solution, whose motto is “no one should go to jail for a plant. The organization focuses on court and prison support as well as education.


  1. The Human Solution Tucson stands in solidarity with you. Don’t give up the fight. No one should go to jail for a plant let alone for their choice in their health care. My body, my health, my choice.

  2. While I have little money I have much understanding of the need for appropriate medication. I have a close member who is epileptic. While she does not use marijuana she does need her medication to stay alive. What can I do to help?

  3. Scott Watkins /

    The Judge should be excused from the case, as he has already shown a bias by making that statement. Stay Strong! We, The People are behind you. And the courts need to catch up with reality, before it catches up with them and they find themselves voted out of office.

  4. Jason /

    If the judge doesn’t dismiss it at the evidentiary hearing they can appeal it to the court of appeals….they can also appeal on the illegal Search and seizure… appealing it will stall the trial proceedings!!!!

  5. Thank You Everyone for your thoughts, prayers & support!

  6. Judge Bowman is THE WORSE. He should be removed from the bench. Look him up on google and see how many people he’s screwed with his power and arrogance.

  7. Shaun /

    Judge (?) Bowman should step down. How can he say, and I quote “If you were innocent, you wouldn’t be here.” end quote. Who is he accountable to? The taxpayers like you and I, tgat’s who. It’s tragic that a person like that has such responsibility.

  8. Maria has been helping support the family by making medibles, tinctures and oils
    i would stop doing this if i was you because they may come back and raid you guys thats what worries me they always come back and they don’t need a warrant

    • mike /

      This comment seems out of place here. I am sure they are full compliance with all bond conditions and otherwise doing everything within the law.

    • gerry /

      it is illegal to make tinctures, medibles and oils in Michigan. the law was just passed about the time this occurred. , but YES they do need a warrant , if they come to your door without one you can refuse to let them in. and if they force their way in take a video to prove your innocence. Make sure all doors to facility are locked and you are within your numbers.

  9. Oliver Block /

    Clearly Bowman doesn’t believe in the trial system or the administration of justice, would prefer a police state and should be removed from office. Is there not someone like this website or NORML or Amnesty International or someone who knows how to organise a petition to Oakland County Court and/or to the Whitehouse??

  10. John Swaim /

    The DEA and Judicial Department are the enforcers for the drug-laundering banks. Too much money and control to be lost through decontrol, legalization, and De-criminalization. Use any drug besides alcohol recreationally and you are magically a criminal and a drug addict.

  11. Tim Buckto /

    Just look at that family of cutthroat criminals! And they had ma ma maaa Marijuana??!!! Look at the baby… I’m certain I seen that cute lil thing out selling P Pa Paa POT on the street corners! 20 yrs! for that!
    I know… not funny…. This has my guts in knots! I cant begin to imagine the TERROR this wonderful family must endure… I dont know the Greens, but they are YOU and they are ME!! Hardened criminals are treated with more respect and trust than this picture perfect family! This is wrong wrong wrong in every way shape and form… Judge.. I hope you never ever have a restful nights sleep as long as your PITIFUL ASS LIVES! May you stay awake, wide eyed, EVERY NIGHT! And while laying there, wide awake, miserable from lack of rest, you think of all the GREENS out there you have RUINED!


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